Your Secret Offramp to the...

Road to MagnifEssence

Are You Sick of the "Road Most Traveled"?

If you feel like you are stuck in a traffic jam on a highway to oblivion, where you are just following the crowd because it is what society expects of you, then you are probably sick and tired of it. And no doubt, you are experiencing a lot of stress and overwhelm as a result.

This is the "road most traveled" that everyone loves to hate. I'm going to share with you how you can find the secret offramp that will lead to your

Road to MagnifEssence

Buckle up, friend, because it's time to shake things up. We're going off-road, so expect some bumps along the way!

Life in the Slow Lane

My name is David McLeod, and I spent way more time on the Road Most Traveled than I care to admit. I'm going to share some of my story with you here, and you'll probably find that we have a lot more in common than you imagined.

Let me start by asking you some questions:

  • Do you ever feel lost, stuck, or unsure of where you are heading in life?
  • Do you ever think you just wander from one life event to the next in a constant state of reaction instead of living with a clear purpose and a fiery passion?
  • Have you been trying to fit in, meet other peoples’ expectations, or live up to society’s demands—only to realize you’ve lost your true self in the process?

Believe me, I know from 40 years of first-hand experience exactly what this is like. I know how painful and frustrating it can be. My life was full of paradoxes and contradictions as I tried to figure things out and learn to vanquish my self-doubts in order to emerge victorious. Just look at some of the job titles on my resume:

  • Janitor
  • Radio DJ
  • Lifeguard
  • Fighter pilot
  • Aerobics instructor
  • Software engineer

Talk about being all over the place... Sheesh!

Don’t get me wrong. All these roles and experiences provided me with different (mostly valuable) life lessons, and even a modicum of fulfillment. But they were all motivated by my subconscious drive to check the right boxes society and culture had laid out for me. You know the boxes I’m talking about:

  • College
  • Career
  • Marriage
  • Kids
  • And so on

A Mid-Life Sucker Punch

But at midlife, it finally hit me—like a sucker punch to my solar plexus—something vital was missing and I couldn’t figure out what that was. It seemed like I was trapped in someone else’s dream. Only for me it was more like a nightmare.

I spent years feeling like I was wandering in a desert, getting nowhere fast. I felt empty inside, as if acid had burned away my guts, leaving me without any emotional energy at all.

Motivation? Nah—I just didn’t care enough.

Satisfaction? Are you kidding? Happiness and fulfillment were nowhere to be found—especially not in any of the bottles I had crawled into over the years. Nope.

All I ever felt was a constant and growing sense of resentment and anger that was bubbling below the surface. I lived with an unconscious dread that sooner or later someone was going to point an accusing finger at me and scream:

“Thar'she blows!”

Although I tried many different methods to make sense of my situation—religion, books, friends, family, and even counseling—none of the suggestions or recommendations carried any real weight for me. They seemed as hollow as my insides.

In retrospect, I realize that every day brought new stress and struggles because I lacked direction and meaning. And what I later learned is that there was a powerful reason for my lack of purpose…

After years of therapy and coaching, after countless workshops and seminars, after hundreds of deep introspection sessions (and surrounding myself with wisdom), life finally unveiled powerful resources that helped me find clarity.

At long last, my inner hunger for healing paid off. I began to master powerful techniques that brought me the clarity I yearned for—and cut through the thick fog of confusion so I could finally hear my inner truth.

For the first time, I uncovered who I really am and why I’m here.

Immersing myself in these transformative materials opened the floodgates of inspiration, purpose and joy. I started living life with passion and fulfillment, finally aligned with my soul’s calling...

...the same calling that inspires me to help

people like YOU

smash through their own limiting beliefs.

What unfolded for me over decades was a journey of self-discovery that I had never imagined before it happened.

  • I learned how to heal inner wounds and traumas that were draining my energy and sucking every bit of happiness out of my life.
  • I discovered that all my so-called “shadows” were gateways to my greatest gifts—gifts that I had never acknowledged, let alone shared with the world.
  • I found the amazing truth that I am a divine, magnificent, boundless Spiritual being of light and love, and that I am here to guide other people to see the magnificent truth of who they are.

My Growth Obsession

I became obsessed with spiritual evolution—using the power of Love to eliminate everything that stands in the way of my full expression. I devoured every resource I could find—books, seminars, workshops, coaches, mentors.

While I spent thousands of dollars and decades of time seeking my True Self, you don’t have to do that. I’m here to provide you with powerful shortcuts to make your journey much easier and more direct.

I’ve helped hundreds of others do what I did—identify their blocks, overcome obstacles, uncover the truth of who they really are, and manifest joyful lives of purpose.

And isn’t that what you really want? Be honest now: isn’t that what you really want?

After years of work, I’ve developed a proven process for creating a dream life. I call it the Life Mastery Paradigm.

Imagine the owner’s manual you wish you had when you first came into this world. Well, the Life Mastery Paradigm is exactly that—and more!

  • It’s a roadmap to take you from lost to empowered.
  • It’s a lighthouse to keep you pointed to your True North.
  • It’s a sanctuary in which you get to bask in the glory of who you really are—any time you want.

The same resources that inspired and motivated my transformation are available right here on my brand new website at

  • Here, you’ll discover the insights and tools that helped me end years of wandering like a robot with dying batteries!
  • Here, you’ll have access to some of the same resources that allowed me to reconnect with my inner Magnificence and completely recharge my life.
  • Here, you’ll learn and grow through different content streams, exclusive courses, powerful e-books, and a unique journaling technology that lets you document the entire journey in as much detail as you want.

Finding the Secret Offramp

I understand your struggle more than you know—because I’ve lived it and conquered it. I know what it’s like to seek answers and end up banging my head against a wall (literally) when no answers came. I’ve walked in shoes like yours until I ended up barefoot and blistered in the desert.

But take heart—your breakthrough awaits within!

Here at, I’ve gathered together the most powerful resources that stimulated my transformation.

And by the way, I’ve shared many of these healing and growth tools with my clients, so you know they’re tried and true. But don’t take my word for it... Check out these heart-felt customer raves:

David is such an amazing teacher and mentor. He creates this wonderful, encouraging environment that makes me absolutely comfortable to be in. I call him a mentor because I can walk up to him anytime for suggestions and advice and he is always so welcoming.

Sai Manorahan

I asked for David’s help at a time when life wasn’t making sense for me anymore. I was depressed, angry, and very closed off to important people in my life. I had an ongoing fear of failure, and I was also afraid to let loved ones get too close to me. I was abusing alcohol in order to deal with my issues—which only made matters worse. For about ten years I read countless spiritual and self-help books and listened to many personal growth audio books. I believed that would be enough to “heal” myself, and I thought I really could do it all by myself. But I quickly learned that as human beings we need to allow other people to help us, and vice versa. That’s where David McLeod came in! I began a coaching program with him and positive changes started happening almost immediately. Because of my work with David, I now experience a lot of clarity, self-forgiveness, and happiness—not to mention a significant increase in confidence and self respect. I no longer abuse alcohol which has made my body and mind rebound in many positive ways! Thank you so much David for all that you’ve done for me!!

Denis Burke

David is a rare gem... a truly gifted and compassionate facilitator and teacher, with a passion for helping others to become their most authentic and empowered selves.  I have always felt I was in safe and skillful hands, even as a woman, when going to the painful places in my soul with David as my guide, and have always come out the other side feeling more empowered and more whole.

Leah D.

David is the real deal. I know David from his work in men's groups and have personally seen David lead and facilitate powerful transformational experiences. David has the wisdom, compassion, insight, and courage it takes to lead true transformational work.

Michael Andrews-Schwind

I have lots more testimonials I could share with you, but the truth is, sooner or later you have to take your life into your own hands. Right?

Everything you need to uncover your purpose, heal your wounds, and manifest your dream life is available—right now—on this website at It’s a growing platform, with new materials coming online regularly.

If you are anything like me, then I’m guessing you’ve been thinking about this for a while—otherwise, why would you have even read this far? So my question to you is this:

What are you waiting for?

Seize this opportunity to invest in the one thing you’ve probably short-changed most of your life: YOURSELF. The time for “maybe later” is long past! Don’t you think right NOW is “late enough”?

Don’t wait. Don’t put it off until “someday.” Someday is here. Your moment is now.

Or...the Alternative

Of course, there IS another option. You can stay in traffic on “The Road Most Traveled” and just follow the herd:

  • It’s the option where you convince yourself everything’s fine and you have no regrets.
  • It’s the version of your life where you avoid doing the inner work that you know deep down will set you free.
  • It’s the crazy limiting belief that makes you go on waiting for a “someday” that never comes—even though you know inside that if you wait long enough, “someday” will be your last day in this world.

You can take “The Road Most Traveled” if you want to, and I wish you luck. But I’m here to challenge you not to sell yourself short. I’m here to remind you that you deserve so much more than that—and you can have it too. But only if you really are ready to seize the opportunity to invest in YOURSELF.

The choice is yours:

“Road Most Traveled” or “Road to MagnifEssence”.

Which will it be?

May I Suggest Something Obvious?

My recommendation is that you do your current and future self a favor: take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and claim your Platinum full-access membership to Join a growing inspired community of Life Masters and complete the journey back to your True Self.

I’ll be guiding you every step of the way, with decades of experience available as your personal shortcut.

Do you want clarity and focus about where you are going?

Do you want a life of inner harmony and purpose?

Do you want joy and fulfillment?

Then say yes to YOU and your boundless potential.

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Embrace Your Magnificent Self!

The secret offramp is right here—but only you can take the turnoff.

Your Magnificence is waiting—but only you can share it with the world.

I’m excited about helping you to step fully into your True Self.

I’ll see you inside...