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MagnifEssence Life Mastery School provides a two-pronged approach to enhanced personal growth. You can participate in either or both of these approaches independently for as long as you like:

Exclusive Membership

A membership component provides access to multiple streams of inspirational content that is delivered at periodic rates. You also get access to an online journaling platform, an interactive community area, and monthly live group coaching sessions.

Life Mastery Education

An education component provides access to a growing library of powerful online courses that help you to deepen your understanding of who you really are and empower you to bring your authentic true self into every aspect of your life.

David McLeod is your MagnifEssence Mentor!

Life Mastery, Shadow Work, Group & Individual Coaching, Meditation, Affirmation, Personal Growth, Empowerment & Support

Membership Content Streams

Four membership levels—Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum—provide different combinations of content and platform interaction to meet any budget. Here are a few examples of some of the content you can can access with your membership.

Soul Chat

Monthly personal messages intended to activate and empower your soul to occupy a more prominent  role in your life.

Available for all membership levels.

Nuggets of Inspiration

Monthly audio episodes discussing a wide range of subjects pertaining to Life Mastery.

Available to Silver, Gold and Platinum members.

Mindful Musings

Weekly inspirational reminders to guide, encourage and empower you.

Available to Gold and Platinum members.

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 What’s In It For You? 

The MagnifEssence Difference

You can benefit from a comprehensive collection of informative and educational content designed to accelerate your growth and healing so that you can create and experience the life of your deepest heart’s desire!

Material is provided online and packed with proven techniques and tools to help you uncover, illuminate, heal and integrate blocks and limitations that keep you from living your best life. You’ll learn about everything from Awareness to Flow, Shadow to Integrity, Compassion to Purpose, and much more!

Choose a free account and purchase courses individually. Or, if you prefer, sign up for one of the paid memberships that offer course discounts and different combinations of inspiring streamed content you can access any time you want to.

Interactive Community

Meet new people with similar values. Share your experiences with other participants. Grow together!

Multiple Streams

Take advantage of ongoing audio and video content that is delivered on staggered but regular intervals.

Journaling Platform

Keep track of your own life growth progress in an exclusive confidential online journal.

Live Q/A & Coaching

Join monthly live Q/A and coaching sessions to help you accelerate your progress and growth.

Life Mastery Courses

Enroll in inspiring and educational courses that focus on many different areas of Life Mastery.

Priority Access

Get priority access to bonuses and discounts on courses, coaching and in-person events.

Hi, I’m David McLeod

Your Life Mastery Coach

I support, educate and inspire middle aged adults who are disillusioned or angry about their life situation. I empower them to find purpose, passion, and peace as they create and master fulfilling lives that make a difference in the world.

As a MagnifEssence Mentor I design, develop, and share many different programs that help you to become crystal clear about who you really are and why you are really here. As you expand into the fullness of your true MagnifEssence, you naturally create a massive positive impact in the world.

That really excites me—I hope you are excited too!

Unique & Powerful Training Materials

The training catalog consists of a growing library of course material available for purchase. All courses—short mini-courses to full-length multi-module packages—are comprehensive and carefully thought out. All paid memberships include a permanent discount to every course you purchase.

The Magic of ‘I Am’ 

Weekly affirmations and meditations paired together with brainwave entrainment music and video to inspire and motivate you for a whole year.

Your Magnificent Self

A course to awaken your true magnificent self in ways you might not have imagined possible. Ten modules of powerful content delivered in video format, with lots of exercises and additional resources to provide extra support.

Conscious Self-Creation

A short but powerful course that teaches you how to direct your own growth and evolution in a brand new way.

 What Are You Waiting For?

Claim Your MagnifEssence!

Having gone through my own “dark night of the soul” years ago, and emerging on the other side stronger and wiser, I have learned many amazing things. Most importantly, whenever I was truly willing to do my own inner work, someone always showed up to support, encourage, and guide me.

A big part of my transformation had to do with discovering—or rather, remembering—who I really am and why I am here on this planet. And one thing became unmistakably clear to me:

I am the most connected to my joy and my true essence when I am helping other people find their way.

After benefiting from the support of others in countless ways, today I am on a mission to give back! I have articulated my purpose (in business and in life) as a kind of manifesto, which I wrote down and formalized in the image you see at right. Click on it to view a larger version.

I am committed to helping you to do whatever it takes to claim your MagnifEssence, unleash your full potential and live your life as fully as possible. I look forward to getting to know you as you embark on your own journey of growth!

Happy Trails!

Transform Your Life into a True Masterpiece!

What People are Saying

Big Heart & Keen Intellect

David brings a big heart and a keen intellect to all of his endeavors. He is a committed, open, insightful, and caring man who is dedicated to his purpose in life. He takes a big stand for people to live into their magnificence, power and beauty. And he knows how to expertly guide people through a transformational process into their highest, best self.

Powerful Strategies

I believe those who listen to David will walk away with some powerful strategies they can use to help them get started in creating sacred boundaries and will also receive valuable insights that can support them in creating deeper connections and more harmonious relationships with the people who matter to them.

Passionate and Energetic

David is a skilled coach and presenter. While working with him, I witnessed him bring those skills to bear first in a technical setting as a programming course instructor and later in a broader setting as a personal growth coach. David is passionate and energetic about coaching, and I've always observed him to be tireless in helping others grow.


So thankful for David and his commitment to people and excellence.

Communication is Key!

Very important discussion about boundaries and how they shift and change. Sometimes we don’t know what our or another’s boundaries are until they get crossed. Communication is key! And having the self love to create a boundary in the first place helps improve relationships with family members you care about.

Genuine Sense of Caring

David provides a sense of knowledge that is wide ranging, digestible, and well articulated. He is someone who has a lot of value to add on a variety of topics. What's more about David is his genuine sense of caring about the people he is interacting with whether it is a client or a passing stranger. If you are someone seeking clarity in life, turning to David is a wise choice!

The Real Deal

David is the real deal. I know David from his work in men's groups and have personally seen David lead and facilitate powerful transformational experiences. David has the wisdom, compassion, insight, and courage it takes to lead true transformational work.

Done with Hiding!

I have spent a lot of time "hiding in plain sight" as a coach, but after spending an hour with David I'm done with hiding. He is so skilled, and makes me feel so completely relaxed and open. You can't help but be your best with him. Thank you David from the bottom of my heart for today's experience. Never before has speaking my truth felt so good!

Wise. Insightful. Original.

Wise. Insightful. Original. Hard worker. Funny. Intellectual. Charismatic. Forward thinker. I could go on but I wanted to give a sense of who David McLeod is in ALL that he does and who he IS. From speaking and presenting to coaching, David makes you go deep. He intrigues the mind, opens the heart and compassionately guides you more towards yourself rather than a ‘standard’ way of being or doing.

Very Clear Guide

David is a very clear guide with a solid business background and a highly developed spiritual consciousness. Working with him will accelerate your growth and development in many ways.

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